Entertaining Sanity

I publicly proclaimed (via twitter) the following 2010 New Year's Resolution:
"I will no longer entertain people's delusions,
even if they are willing to pay me to do it."

It's only the last day of January and I've lost business over this resolution this year. Some people might consider this a failure (losing business), but I consider it a success.

Psychology in the Workplace

I had a great phone conversation with a friend in Washington state yesterday. We talked about a lot of things, including this. I almost jumped out of my skin when she referred to "family of origin" issues in the work place. Someone else knows what I'm talking about! (I guess it's not just us social work types that notice these patterns.)

Consulting is One Way to Find the Exit Sign

Forgive me for putting a big picture of myself right here, but there's something I love about this picture (hint: it's a word in the background).

People bring an incredible amount of psychological baggage with them to work every day. If you can avoid the worst offenders, great. But what if your boss is one of these people? As I like to say, "lawd ha' mercy."

Consulting is not an easy answer. I still need to negotiate endless unwritten (and often unreasonable) expectations (more about that in future posts). However, if you're willing to give up health insurance (yes, that is a big 'ask') and the delusion of 'job security' (um, if you haven't figured this out by now, it simply doesn't exist), you are in a position to regain a level of self-respect you may not realize you've somehow lost through your experiences in the traditional 'workplace.'

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